Where to return containers?

On November 1st 2023, the network of return depots available to the public consists mainly of retailer depots. All retailers who sell returnable beverage containers and whose sales area exceeds 375m2 (4,036ft2) are required to take back returnable containers.

Consult the interactive map for
for the nearest return locations:

Coming soon: new return sites!

New Consignaction return sites will start to open over the next few months. These new spaces will be in storefront locations. They will offer a smoother, more efficient customer experience thanks to state-of-the-art collection equipment, fast points of service, electronic refund applications and on-site assistance. Some sites will even accept returns of bagged unsortedbeverage containers.

Consult the table of the amounts of the deposit-refund :

Display of deposit-refund amounts - Article 21 - PDF

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