The expanded deposit-refund system

November1, 2023: deposit-refund extended to all aluminum beverage containers

As of this date, all aluminum beverage containers of between 100 m L and 2 L are redeemable. That means that in addition to your soft-drink and beer cans, you can also return all ready-to-drink beverage cans, including fruit juice, sparkling water, flavoured water and small vegetable juice cans.

March 2025: Expansion of the system to include glass, plastic and multi-layer containers 

All glass, plastic and multi-layer-type containers of between 100 mL and 2 L will be redeemable. For example, Quebecers will be able to return water bottles, bottles of wine, cider and spirits, mineral water bottles, as well as large and small cartons of juice, milk and biosourced drinks (e.g., soy milk).