Frequently asked questions for retailers


What is the deposit system?

Deposit system modernization 

How many more aluminum beverage containers will be returnable on November 1, 2023?

What are the key dates in the expansion of the deposit system?

What are the main changes?

What is extended producer responsibility (EPR)?

What are the goals of deposit system modernization?

Why is the deposit-refund system being modernized?

Who is responsible for the Quebec deposit system?

What to know about the deposit system

The deposit-refund tax on aluminum beer containers of 450 ml or more will drop from 20 cents to 10 cents. Can citizens still claim 20 cents since it's written on the container?

How do I know whether a beverage container is redeemable?

Why is there no deposit on wine bottles, water bottles or juice and milk containers?

Which beverage containers are included in the Quebec deposit system; i.e., redeemable?

Why have a deposit on beverage containers?

Return of redeemable beverage containers

Customers will probably be unhappy that they can no longer return their returnable beverage containers to my business. Who will handle any complaints?

With the deposit amount no longer printed on redeemable beverage containers, how do I know whether a particular container is redeemable?

Why do almost all beverage containers now have a 10-cent deposit?

What is the amount of the deposit?

Where to return 

How can citizens find out about the list of return locations?

Retailers targeted for modernization

How can I get a list of participating retailers?

If my business is larger than 375 m2, can I refuse to take back returnable beverage containers?

Am I a retailer target of the deposit-refund modernization?

Non-target retailers


Obligations of retailer as part of the modernization of the deposit-refund

What are my obligations under the new deposit-refund system as retailer ?


Do I have to enter the new deposit-refund amount on the bill?


How will citizens be informed of upcoming changes to the modernization of deposit-refund ?

How will I be informed of upcoming changes?

Database management

Who will be responsible for adding the barcodes of newly returnable containers to my business's recycling database, since it's not automated? When will this be done?


I've heard that from now on I'll have to display the amount of the deposit-refund in my shop. What text must be displayed? Where must it be displayed?

How will citizens be informed that my business no longer takes back returnable beverage containers?

Equipment - recuperators

Are there any plans for new, more feature-rich reclaimers to handle the greater volume of beverage containers that will eventually be added?

I may experience higher-than-usual traffic at reverse vending machine in the days following the launch of the deposit-refund upgrade (November 1, 2023). Will my reverse vending machine be able to handle this volume?

Retailer accountability

Do I still have to produce an accountability report?

Inspection program

Is an inspection program planned?

pick-up containers

Are additional collection routes planned for the additional volumes of beverage containers?

From now on, who will collect beverage containers from my business?

Customer service

I have questions, who can I talk to?