Any retailer selling returnable beverage containers is required to register with the AQRCB by creating an account below.

According to the Règlement visant l'élaboration, la mise en œuvre et le soutien financier d'un système de deposit-refund de certains contenants, there are two categories of retailers: 1) targeted retailers and 2) non-targeted retailers.

  1. Retailers covered by the regulations
    As of November 1st, 2023, only retailers whose sales area exceeds 375 m² (4036 ft²) are required to take back returnable beverage containers.
    If you are an affected retailer, you must register now on the AQRCB website so that we can quickly generate the official map of returnable container locations for all of Quebec.
  2. Retailers not covered by the regulations
    Retailers with a sales area of 375 m² (4036 ft²) or less are no longer required to take back returnable beverage containers. However, the AQRCB is offering them the possibility of continuing to do so for a transitional period running from November1, 2023 to March1, 2025. If you are a non-targeted retailer , you must complete the form as soon as possible, whether or not you wish to continue taking back returnable beverage containers.

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List of redeemable containers

(downloadable Excel file - Updated: 05/24/2024)