pick-up form refundable/returnable containers

Step 1 - Please register your company or organization on the AQRCB portal to obtain a client number.

Step 2 - Please complete the pick-up form below.

Consignaction will do everything in its power to offer you a pick-up service for your refundable/returnable containers. Certain conditions apply. A member of our customer service team will contact you to follow up on your request.

The 9 CONDITIONS relating to the holding of the pick-up planned:

  1. The customer must have :
    - 5 bags minimum
    - 10 cases minimum
    - 3 bags and 5 cases minimum
    - No maximum
  2. A resource must be available to return accumulated containers to the reclaimer.
  3. Bags and crates must be kept close to the building exit.
  4. There must be no liquid in the bottom of the bags.
  5. Bags must be in good condition and filled to the line. Stale or incomplete bags will be refused.
  6. The bags used are those identified and supplied by the AQRCB. Any other bag may be refused.
  7. The bags do not contain beverage containers not covered by the deposit-refund system.
  8. The bags contain no garbage or glass.
  9. Glass containers are placed in cardboard boxes.

Please allow 5 to 15 working days for processing. There will be no collections over the holidays, so requests received may not be processed until early January.

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